After FCC Ruling Striking Down Indecency Regulations, Primetime TV Is Set to Become Even Racier

Jul 16, 2010  •  Post A Comment

With the FCC’s regulations on indecency being struck down this week by a federal appeals court, primetime television is about to become a lot racier, reports Elizabeth Guider in the Hollywood Reporter

Television has already been sliding into topics that wouldn’t have aired five years ago, such as Fox’s "American Dad" episode in January in which Stan gave "full release" to a racehorse, she writes. But now with the FCC’s regulations being struck down, "primetime TV this fall is going to be chock-a-block with even more blatant sexuality and raunchy language," the story says. "And now we’re bracing for couples doing it on ‘Friends With Benefits’ on NBC; Kathy Bates smoking pot on ‘Harry’s Law’ (and she plays a lawyer!), also on the Peacock; and a CBS sitcom starring the irrepressible William Shatner titled ‘$#*! My Dad Says.’, " she writes.


  1. For the next couple years, we can expect swear words to infect shows, at the expense of better content. Bump it up? Uh, let’s have someone say “tits”. Easy fix, and who cares if it’s out of place in the scene.
    Lots of times, a BLEEP will have more impact than the actual word.
    Taste standards aside, there are benefits to compelling writers and producers to be more creative and clever. This ruling also removes that value-added component.

  2. British Television has allowed numerous words that haven’t been allowed here, and I haven’t seen it destroy their society yet.

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