Are On-Air Editorials Returning to Television News? In New York, Two Stations Give it a Try

Jul 23, 2010  •  Post A Comment

On-air editorials are making a comeback to television — or at least at to two stations in New York, reports Richard Huff in the New York Daily News

WNYW-TV’s general manager Lew Leone made his debut in what will likely become a series of editorials on the Fox-owned station, the article says. But the segment, called "Lew’s View" and which focused on the controversial proposed mosque near Ground Zero, wasn’t an immediate success.

"Content aside, from a TV perspective his first effort was, frankly, uncomfortable. It had the stilted tension of a real-life hostage film," Huff writes. A station spokeswoman said there’s no schedule for when the editorials will appear.

WPIX-TV, meanwhile, has also added commentaries, including some from news anchor Larry Mendte, who has discussed topics ranging from BP to LeBron James. "Whether editorials attract people to newscasts or are just another passing fad in the race to save local TV news remains to be seen," the story says.



  1. Our CBS affiliate in Oklahoma City KWTV has their lead male anchor do a two-minute commentary called “My Two Cents” about 4 days a week with viewer feedback sometimes.

  2. I welcome it. It might -just might- bring some legitimate news analysis back to mouthpiece news reporting.

  3. Viewer segments responding are the reason to do these. With more and more people having cameras at their computers, more stations need to use their website as a place for viewers to post and then put the best ones on their news shows. There are numerous spins on this with viewers voting on the website American Idol style for the best, etc.

  4. Great blog!! You should start many more. I love all the info provided. I will stay tuned 🙂

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