CBS News Executives Have Discussed Buying Out Couric’s Contract; NBC Interested in Having Her Return

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CBS News president Sean McManus and executive vice-president Paul Friedman earlier this year discussed buying out the remainder of Katie Couric’s contract to anchor the evening news, reports Gabriel Sherman at New York Magazine’s Daily Intel blog. 

Still, while no decisions have been reached, the discussions seem to signal that the experiment of making Couric an evening anchorwoman "was a failure in terms of reinvigorating the TV news business," Sherman writes. Couric’s $15 million annual contract isn’t up until June 2011, the article notes.

But Couric is also considering options, remaining open to staying at CBS as well as moving to different networks, the story says. Her spokesman said, "Katie is enjoying her job and is focused on her work. And we’ll leave the speculation to everyone else.” She might even end up returning to NBC: NBC CEO Jeff Zucker has told her agent that the network would welcome her return when she’s free to move, the story says.

It’s possible whatever her next move would be that she’ll look for creating a larger media brand for herself, possibly creating a production company, the article adds.


  1. What??? Is Zucker freaking crazy or what? Katie is a flop on CBS and now he wants to welcome her back to NBC? In what capacity? Doing what? Brian Williams is perfect as the network’s evening news anchor. Katie’s time as co-host of The Today Show has come and gone. There is no “Couric magic.”
    If this is true, it’s just yet another shining example of NBC’s inability (and/or unwillingness) to get it right. First Leno and now Couric. Give me a break!
    Obviously NBC is humming “how low can we go” to itself. Can anyone explain to me how Zucker manages to retain his position?

  2. McManus and Zucker deserve to be ousted. The litany of bad decisions by both has been tragic to their two companies.
    As for Couric, she is a competent reporter and will land wherever fate takes her. She was a wrong choice to anchor an evening newscast, but I don’t fault her for taking the position and giving it an honest effort.
    CBS needs to rid itself of the overpayed Leslie Moonves and then make some other management changes to have the opportunity to rise to a higher level of success.
    Peter Bright

  3. Did anybody think it was appropriate for Moonves to put his WIFE on at least one network show, and is now thinkng of giving her yet another one? Julie is a perfectly capable ‘air personality,’ but nepotism is bad wherever it appears.
    Katie Couric is getting in her groove, but the groove is too high priced for the results it is getting.

  4. Well, Mr. Banchard, you bring up a curious point that I failed to address in my earlier comment above.
    The egotistical display of nepotism by Mr. Moonves gives even more reason to end his dynasty at what once was The Tiffany Network.
    Peter Bright

  5. couric is now damaged goods like connie chung was after jumping networks. join larry king in retirement.

  6. If Katie moves or stays, now is the time to shine. She can re-stake a claim as the main stream media has lost ground. It is time to report the news and bring back honest and neutral reporting. If she can get the backing of NBC or CBS or where ever she may land to do this, she can help repair her image. I have turned away from the main stream media and am disgusted in their action. Bring true reporting back Katie, and you will shine again.

  7. Here’s the scenario. CBS buys out Katie’s contract and Jeff Zucker has this brilliant idea that’s going to revolutionize the television industry as we know it. With Katie free to talk to Zucker — he brings her back to NBC to do “Today at Night” (Monday through Friday at 10). Not only will this new show save the network money from having to buy and schedule those pesky hour long dramas — the programming will be fresh and original every night of the week.
    I can just hear the promos for the show, too. “Katie’s back and NBC has her — and is giving you a new way to look at the news with ‘Today at Night’ — sixty minutes of the latest news and information — plus Katie interviews with the people making news.”
    Sounds like a winning idea, doesn’t it? And on the first show — (because news is no longer news it is a show) — Katie special guest is Jeff Zucker who has a colostomy performed live on the air and presented as only Katie can present it.

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