‘Glee’ Creator Lands $24 Million Deal, One of the Biggest Ever for a TV Writer-Producer

Jul 19, 2010  •  Post A Comment

One of the co-creators of “Glee” has scored one of the biggest deals ever for a TV writer-producer, spanning television, music and theater, reports Deadline.com.

Ryan Murphy is reportedly closing a new four-year $24 million deal with “Glee” producer 20th Century Fox TV for his work on the Fox series and new development through Ryan Murphy Productions, according to the story.

Murphy will get a share of profits from “Glee’s” music business and will receive a portion of touring and merchandising revenues.

He has an option to create a “Glee” Broadway musical, the story says.

The package could earn Murphy as much as $10 million a year over the next four years, according to the story.


  1. Congrats Ryan. This just shows what talent, connections, and leading a clean life can do. All the best over the next four years. Keith Warn

  2. What does Ian Brennan get? You know, the guy that came up with the idea originally – hopefully it’s not a set of GLEE steak knives.

  3. Have to agree with Keith. Not sure why good shows don’t always get greenlighted while instead there are seemingly many bad shows on the small screen and big screen that do. Glad that Glee did get the greenlight. More good shows like this and everyone would make a lot more of the green stuff. Don’t mind seeing that at all. Good for you Ryan !

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  5. Good piece, thanks. Could you clarify the second part in additional detail please?

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