Glenn Beck Says He May Go Blind

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Conservative commentator Glenn Beck of the Fox News Channel says he has been diagnosed with a degenerative eye disease that could lead to his blindness, the AP reported.

Beck, currently on his “American Revival” tour, told an audience in Salt Lake City over the weekend that he has macular dystrophy, according to the story.

Beck said he received the diagnosis from an eye doctor he went to because he has had trouble focusing.


  1. Isn’t he already blind?

  2. Well, he doesn’t seem to be “color blind,” what a bigot.
    Having said that, I hate to see bad stuff happen to anyone.

  3. You, Julia, are no doubt one of those caring liberals. Your parents and grandparents would be so proud of your hatefulness.

  4. I needed a good laugh this afternoon…!

  5. Glen takes a page from the Rush Limbaugh pity playbook

  6. He’s deaf to reason and dumb to saying anything coherent. This is the next logical step.

  7. Its one thing to say something about your political views and what people say, but its another thing to attack the person saying it. We all have free voice and that does allow for us to speak our mind, but when it comes to hurting someones feelings on purpose its a different thing.
    I suggest we all THINK before we speak.

  8. I agree about thinking before we speak. Too bad his viewers aren’t thinking while they are watching him. They wouldn’t watch for long.

  9. Do you actually watch Mr Beck’s programmes? If so, how can you disagree when he frequently recounts history with great accuracy. Often, Mr Beck’s observations come from a viewpoint that takes a multi-generational look at political trends and points out clearly indisputable facts that tie together to explain political transitions over time. While Mr Beck can be hyperbolic, at times, his perspectives on western and American history are accurate. He posits, for example, that the Unuted States has been going through a socialistic transition that had its beginnings with FDR and that the Democrat party has morphed into a much more socialist/marxist force than it was at any other time in the history of the country. Certainly it is not the party of JFK, who actually cut taxes in his presidency. So there is quite a bit that Mr. Becks says that is spot on. As far as many of the seemingly cute comments where persons group Mr. Beck along with other political conservatives and then dole out hostility and bad wishes from the standpoint of group hate, let us hope that your own personal experiences lead you to someday realize the inhumanity in your behaviour.

  10. Jacques,
    Becks opinions are paid announcements by those who write his checks. Case in point, when he was on CNN, he ranted and raved against how bad our healthcare system is. Now that it’s Fox writing the checks, he swears it is the best in the world. Different opinions from different check writers.
    I agree completely that the Democratic party is far different than the Kennedy administration, just as the Republicans are far different than the Eisenhower administration. He in fact warned us of what runs the country now, the military industrial complex, something he was well qualified to talk about. I will remind you of recent history that the last administration WAS the military industrial complex(Haliburton, oil, Raytheon to name a few). Plus, through the power grab of the “Patriot Act” they have concentrated power in the executive branch. History will also tell you that NO government gives back power that it takes away from it’s citizens.
    Both parties are kneeling at the alter of corporate cash and neither you or I matter. We are being divided by slanted opinions of Beck, Limbaugh and whomever you want to fill in for the “liberal” side to distract us from what is really going on.
    The current court has ruled that corporations should have free speech as the Bill of Rights states. What we seem to forget is that corporations are NOT humans with a birth, a death or souls and do not deserve unrestricted human rights. They all have one goal, to make as much money as possible. The last time I checked, humans have many other goals, except the upper 1% that now have 90% of the wealth in this country. Kennedy did cut taxes, but the rich (of which he was one) still paid a much larger share than today.

  11. That clown has been blind to the truth for so long God has finally finished the job. Perhaps he will finally see the light and realize he’s been a blind jerk for long enough.

  12. You’re a typical Republican Reptile, spewing the same drivel as Palin and her ilk. Go sit under a rock and contemplate humanity for a change. You’re stupid.

  13. The worse that could happen to this guy isn’t enough to have me feel any sort of pity for the vitriol-spewing anti-negro, anti-humanist fat pig that he is.

  14. @Doug – you get to make those little “you’re a hypocrite” jabs as soon as the people on your side of the issues finally admit that the only thing you find wrong with what the government is doing NOW is because the guy from the other side is in office. Bailouts were find & dandy so long as Republican was pulling the trigger. Now all I seem to hear leading up to the November mid-terms is how Barack Obama somehow managed to single-handedly tank the world’s economy and force the poor, defenseless true patriots of the Republican party to force large businesses to take a lot of money, with Obama laughing and rubbing his hands like a villain in an old silent movie, all before he was even elected. If he had THAT much power without even winning an election, why would he even bother to take what has become one of the crappiest jobs in the world.
    Besides, we all know what *really* makes someone go blind. Better check him for hairy palms and secret subscriptions to Nazi dwarf porn websites.
    @ Jacques: Historical accuracy? Really? You get a more accurate recounting of history from a bubble gum wrapper. This is the same rock solid view of history that has his followers wander around with posters of Obama as Hitler while screaming that socialized medicine will be the death of us all, not like that great Medicaid. Which is socialized medicine. Yes, I have watched a number of Glen Beck’s shows but you can only watch a one trick pony for so long before you can vocalize his thoughts before the words actually leave his mouth. Now he’s not even good for entertainment value.
    Seriously, coming from the party who screamed bloody murder when someone tried to draw parallels between Hitler & George W. Bush I would have expected at least an attempt to try and distance themselves from this whole “Obama wants to kill you all and rule the world just like Hitler!” nonsense but people just seems to be lapping this up and asking for more when they’re done.
    And there are people just as bad, just as insanely radical on the Democratic side as well. Frankly, anybody with a brain is slowly making their way to the exits for both parties because there is no longer any room in either party for rational behavior. Everything is all about the party’s win / loss record, like they’re playing fantasy football with our money and our lives.

  15. Too bad the guy’s been diagnosed with this. Let’s remember that just because we may disagree with him and he’s probably done some harm from his pulpit, we still need to be compassionate people. I think he’s a goon like Rush, but I let’s not wish him physical ill.

  16. I am sorry for his problem the disease has run in my family for years. Maybe it’s time to take his stupid show away from him and take his pill popping buddy Rush with him.

  17. I humbly suggest that you watch his show for 1 week, just 5 shows, with an open mind. Personally, I make it a point to watch Beck, Maddow, Hannity, Stewart, equally to hear all sides of each position or argument. CNN, Fox, MSNBC, whatever… I need to hear all sides to determine where the truth is. IMHO, Beck is on to something truthful. I also think it’s great that we’re having this discussion. This is our country, not the politicians… we decide how we want to live, not them. Lastly, I’m wondering why the anger, vitriol, and just plain ugly meanness comes from those who identify with liberal ideologies? Julia, ripperdandy, John, Tim, … not feeling too good about yourselves? Not really liking yourselves, huh? To see where your problem really lies, walk over and take a look in the mirror. Don’t look away, and just contemplate what must have happened to you to become as hateful as you are.

  18. Too bad it’s not his mouth that would stop working.

  19. Amazing freakin blog here. I almost cried while reading it!

  20. I really like the colors here on your blog. did you design this yourself or did you outsource it to a professional?

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