Golden Gate Opens Up: Don Johnson Gets $23.2 Million in ‘Nash Bridges’ Lawsuit

Jul 8, 2010  •  Post A Comment

Don Johnson, who starred as the title character in the series "Nash Bridges," has been awarded $23.2 million as the result of a lawsuit he filed about profits from the series, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Johnson had sued Rysher Entertainment, the company that produced the show.

According to the story, "Johnson, the former ‘Miami Vice’ star, sued Rysher, saying he was entitled to half the profits from the show because he owned half of its copyright."

A Los Angeles jury, with an 11-1 verdict, agreed with him.

Rysher "contended during trial that the show has yet to be profitable because it cost so much to make, and that Johnson, who also was an executive producer, already had received tens of millions of dollars during filming," the article said.

Bart Williams, an attorney for Rysher, said, in a statement, "We are ready to undergo the appeals process and are confident that in the end, today’s outcome will be reversed," the Times noted.

Johnson won his award the same day a Federal jury awarded a big award to a company that sued the Walt Disney Co. over the profits for "Who Wants to be a Millionaire." As Rysher did in the Johnson case, Disney claimed that "Millionaire" was not profitable. In that case, previously reported, the jury told Disney to pay the plaintiff, Celador International, $269.2 million.

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