Michael Jackson Documentary Maker to Switch Networks, Get Talk Show

Jul 22, 2010  •  Post A Comment

A reporter best known for his Michael Jackson documentary, who is currently a co-anchor on ABC’s "Nightline," is leaving the network to join MSNBC, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

In addition to contributing to NBC’s "Dateline," Martin Bashir will get an afternoon talk show on MSNBC.

With Bashir leaving, ABC News has promoted Bill Weir to an anchor on "Nightline," where he joins Terry Moran and Cynthia McFadden.


  1. This must be a mistake, Bashir is awful reporter. Remember how far he was gone in 2003 and how gard he worked to ruin Michael Jackson life ….
    I remember that show and am still disgusted whenever I see Bashir’s name. He is shame of entire journalism community

  2. Martin Bashir is a loser. NBC loves garbage.

  3. Bashir should feel ashamed and should rot in the hell.

  4. You must be joking. All you need to know about that ‘checkbook journalist’ Martin Bashir is in this excerpt from the UK’s Guardian newspaper:
    “After Jackson’s first counter-attack on Bashir for ‘biased editing’ and ‘betrayal’, the journalist was censured in Britain for misleading the father of a runaway teenage girl about the content of the programme he was making.”
    That he continues to be rewarded with lucrative contracts by the American Media is appalling.

  5. How anybody would want to employ this callous excuse for a man is beyond me. He and his producer James Goldston have played a large part in creating the type of rubbish we see masquerading as ‘news’.
    Manipulation and sleaze is what they are about; the truth is too damn boring, apparently.
    One day we’ll be so fed up with the guff, the remaining few that watch these shows (who’s attention these networks are scratching around for) will turn off too and we’ll once again be happy for the boring old truth.

  6. This man played a huge part in making Michael Jacksons three beautiful children orphans, his arrogance, ignorance of what he did, should never allow him to work again, and who ever employed him should be ashamed!!!!!

  7. This man is a disgrace to journalism and should not be employed on network television after what he did to ruin Michael.

  8. Mmmm…bashir most hated man in america right now.

  9. This better not be true. I watch MSNBC every day, but I will NOT if Bashir is on. I HATE HATE HATE Martin Bashir.

  10. Martin Bashir made his name by scooping an interview with Princess Diana in which he had no choice but to play fair – he then scooped the interview of the century when he was introduced to Michael Jackson. Unfortunately, he himself was biased and narrow minded and allowed the network to cut and produce a programme of questions and responses which were totally out of context and twisted intentionally to sensationalise, yet with no regard for the truth. He apologised publicly for this last year – remember who controls the media and who they are linked to – he will be retained and paid handsomely until he is no longer of use to them. Watch the real footage shot simultaneously with alternative cameras if you would like to see what really happened. In this day and age, with the knowledge that we have about the ’13’ and media control and the recently exposed corrupt justice systems in the USA – only a fool would expect TRUTH or JUSTICE to prevail.

  11. Ofcause Martin Bashir will get jobs in USA networks, after all the American people are the ones who believed all the lies and demonised MJ to such an extend that he never performed again on tour in the USA shame on AMERICA nowander things arent as rosy anymore. The American people have a lot to answer for what they did to MJ. They may believe this or not but God said “vengeance is mine I will repay”

  12. The use of ‘documentary’ in the title is a misnomer. It should read Hatchet Job.
    The only way I can understand that this fool is on TV screens is that he offers to ‘work’ for free to try and ride out the negative sentiment about what he’s done.
    Just read the 2 articles by award winning journalist Charles Thomson at The Huffington Post or by Deborah Ffrench about the press and you’ll get a taste of the way MSNBC will be heading.

  13. Bashir sucked tens of millions of dollars from the Santa Barbara and Los Angeles communities for the court costs of the ridiculous trial he helped unleash as well as the tax monies and related revenue that Michael Jackson would have generated in the years he was beleaguered. And then there are the charities that suffered from not having Michael’s generous support.

  14. Bashir is not even human for what he did. He tried to destroy the most innocent, pure soul. We all wish him all the worst whatever he does.

  15. Martin Bashir is a shame for Journalism and MSNBC should never take him on board. Indeed, I would never watch MSNBC if he does come on board. This guy an lie and cheat to any extent just to create some sensation

  16. Guess it pays to be a liar and a cheat, Bashir destroyed a man with his twisted lies, a man this world so desparately needed. Michael has done more for the good of this world than any other celebrity. Bashir ought to be jailed for what he did, for all the children that will never get the help they needed, for the hurting and unfortunate who Michael helped, for all those he mentored, for the family, friends, and fans that hearts have been ripped out, but mostly for his children that you ROBBED!!!! You left Michael to die a slow death and all the while you stepped over his body with your bag of cash and your notarity in hand. The media has become a JOKE to cheat society of the truth and to continue to promote and compensate such an inhumane decepitve individual, I wont say human being or man because you are none of those Bashir. Anything for money I’d lie for you, I’d die for you, I’d sell my soul to the devil~

  17. Ok, I stopped watching ABC a longtime ago and now I will not watch NBC ever again. This is disgusting.

  18. How, in God’s name, in the name of Heaven, could a person so deceptive, so devious, so vulgar and vile, get a job anywhere? Especially in a medium where he could possibly influence another human being, or destroy another life like he did Michael’s?
    It disgusts me to even see the man’s name. Would anyone really watch this creature on television? What does this say about MSNBC? If one hires a back-biting, hypocrite, known for his lies, to give the people what they think is the truth, what does that say about the one hiring such a liar? Do they care about truth or the people or do they care about notoriety?

  19. I will not watch MSNBC or NBC anymore when Martin Bashir starts there.

  20. Bashir getting another high profile job??? This just goes to show the value these networks put on informing the public. Junk in (Bashir)/junk out. Seems credible journalists are getting squeezed out while Bashir taints those around him. Still will be hard to watch ABC news programs since they put a value on Bashir for so long. MSNBC…well maybe HBO will start producing daily news.

  21. martin bashir got a job at NBC??? what kind of a channel hires a man like him?
    strange what decisions managements of these channels take sometimes, seem to have a death wish.

  22. I will no longer watch MSNBC or NBC once Martin Bashir starts working there.

  23. Good luck getting any of MJ’s fans to watch his show.

  24. Bashir, Diane Diamond, Nancy Grace and Maureen Orth killed Michael Jackson with their lies that helped make them famous. The FBI proved they were liars wit their fabricated stories of victims coming forward. The FBI spent millions of our taxpayers money to prove the socalled victims never existed. I will never watch MSNBC again!

  25. thank you so much for you comment God bless you

  26. send your comments to dateline about bashir:
    http://www.msnbc. msn.com/id/ 10285339

  27. This is crazy! Why Bashir? He is the most awful, horrible, terrible person on Earth! Grrr I hate his Bashit

  28. I watched a news item about this on television yesterday. Thanks for covering it in greater depth

  29. The death of Michael Jackson was a massive bombshell for me, though taking into account his situation it was perhaps not so unexpected. The molestation charges pressed upon him caused his health to spiral out of control, both emotional and physical. Once he began to use prescription medicines to just get by, that was when there definitely was no way back, in my opinion.

  30. tasty i just adore michael and his songs. Michael was so flawless, he will be missed

  31. tasty i just adore michael and his powerful voice. He was so drop dead gorgeous , the world will miss michael

  32. amazing i just have always loved michael and his voice. Michael was unique, There will never be another michael

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