PBS Edits Out Paul McCartney’s Dig at Bush

Jul 15, 2010  •  Post A Comment

When Paul McCartney’s White House concert performance airs on PBS, his dig at former President George W. Bush–he told the group that with Obama, “It’s great to have a president who knows what a library is”–will be edited out, according to Mediaite.com.

The show will air on PBS on July 28, but in place of that intro and the song that followed, McCartney’s performance of "Yesterday" from the previous night’s concert will be included. The edit, according to a report in the Huffington Post, was deemed appropriate because it occurred after the president had left and when the official performance was over.


  1. Good. Who needs a lecture from a pothead? Besides the dig was wrong. W’s wife has her masters in library science and a librarian. She and her husband made a mini-cause of supporting literacy and public libraries, both when he was governor of Texas and when he was president.

  2. I guess freedonm of speech doesn’t apply to everyone – Rush Limbag – who contribues nothing but hateful BS OK – SIR Paul McCartney who changed the course or music around the world not OK.

  3. Limbaugh spewing hate? I’ve never heard that. I doubt you’ve ever listened to him. He’s funny and informative.
    Paul-stick to music. Politics isn’t your forte. No one cares what you think about our president.

  4. “Limbaugh spewing hate?” If you have listened to him and not noticed he’s just a teensy bit biased, and not the slightest bit informative with an aversion to truth and a strange desire to defame anyone who doesn’t agree with his particular brand of hate….. well than I’m surprised you have enough intelligence to read this blog!
    No wonder you use Fox in your name. I’ll bet you watch it all the time for its fair and balanced coverage!

  5. We don’t need another Bush basher.We have our classless current president
    doing it every chance he gets on national TV.

  6. Sigh…can’t you morons find something worthwhile to argue about? Guess what? They’re BOTH corrupt crooked millionaires. Get over it.

  7. “Classless President”? Maybe in Bizarro World.

  8. Paul DID have the freedom to say whatever he wanted, and did. PBS has the right to broadcast whatever parts they want, too. That’s THEIR freedom of speech. Everything you see and hear is edited to some extent, which is different from censorship. Paul McCartney is not a citizen, has not lived with the effects of ANY president, and is a celebrity besides, so who cares WHAT he thinks??

  9. Good post, thanks

  10. Would be nice to think it was done to
    respect the office of President but we
    all know it was first a bold faced lie
    and second PBS would protect this President at all cost.
    Paul McCartney is only a name because Ringo
    is very low key and the other two Beatles
    are dead he’s just an aging ego who now
    makes music that is not much better than
    the Weather Channel.

  11. Paul McCartney is a dumb ass. Stick with song writing you English twit. Don’t try and be political you will just hurt yourself. Just another Rachel Maddow liberal dumb ass who feels that he’s entitled. Hopefully he gets sick soon. Oh by the way what a horrible performance.

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  14. I mean, I could see all this fuss over the guy if he’d led Jersey to the Finals

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