Report: Joy Behar May Be the Frontrunner to Replace Larry King

Jul 1, 2010  •  Post A Comment

Joy Behar is in talks with CNN to replace Larry King when he departs in the fall, Deadline.com reports.

Behar Behar’s name immediately surfaced earlier this week as a possible replacement for King. She may be the frontrunner.

Now hosting "The Joy Behar Show" on HLN, formerly CNN Headline News, Behar has been providing the company with one of its best performing shows, the article says, adding that her program’s total viewers jumped 39% in the second quarter.


  1. NO, not Joy Behar. My vote is for Anderson Cooper!!!! I don’t need to go into why because it’s obvious to anyone with some intelligence.

  2. Oh come on! Joy put humor into the daily news instead of being so serious & depressing all the time. I think in these depressing times, we all need to hear the lighter side of things.

  3. I like Joy but the way she bluffs her way through some topics she knows little about?
    Ugh! A one woman gaffe-machine.
    Better her, though, than lightweight Ryan Seacrest!

  4. Joy is funny and witty at times. But her very liberal views and bias and a visible disdain for conservative views would not bring out guests from both sides of the political spectrum.

  5. That should by “Behar’s name” (apostrophe ) in paragraph 2.

  6. Larry showed how out of touch he has become by expressing his preference for Seacrest to take his place. Seacrest doing political interviews? Please. It would help dumb CNN down another few notches.

  7. Of course it should be Joy. Fresh, funny and alive intervies is what CNN needs.

  8. I think Joy would be a great replacement when she first started her new show she would not let the guest talk enough,now she as come into her own.She is a great talker,and she learned very quickly how to listen I am disabled and watch a lot of t.v.My opion counts good luck Joy you will get it

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