Report: Lindsay Lohan’s Jail Time Could Mean Big Payday for Actress

Jul 13, 2010  •  Post A Comment

"Lindsay Lohan may soon be on her way to prison, but her legal woes are turning into her biggest payday in years. Bids for the troubled starlet’s pre- and post-prison interview are now coming in at over $500,000."

So says the New York Post’s Page Six.

The article goes on to say, "Major TV networks — which technically don’t pay for interviews but often get around that by paying for pictures — are putting in bids by joining forces with weekly magazines to score the big jailhouse chat."

Also, the article says Lohan is talking to high-profile attorney Robert Shapiro to join her legal team. Shapiro was also part of the O.J. Simpson defense team when Simpson was accused of killing his ex-wife.


  1. “Lindsay Lohan may soon be on her way to prison, but her legal woes are turning into her biggest payday in years. Bids for the troubled starlet’s pre- and post-prison interview are now coming in at over $500,000.”
    PRISON? Half a million dollars? This moron is going to spend 23 days in the county jail, maybe. That’s 3 WEEKS! And she’s going to be paid more than $21739 per DAY for being there?
    I just don’t get it. Why do we glamourize this waste of skin, celebrate people like her and ignore those people who genuinely accomplish something positive?
    We’re going to have a whole generation of kids who think there’s no higher calling than getting sh*tface drunk, snorting coke, having auto accidents, flashing beavers and just being complete idiots.
    They’re the ones who’ll be caring for you when you’re old…

  2. I agree 100% Scott. However, that’s the TV business. That’s how it is, and it ain’t gonna change. That’s one reason I won’t EVER pay for TV. I’m fine with my 4 free channels.

  3. wait a second, she going to Los Angeles County jail not prison.big difference.you should know that as a jounalist…your welcome…

  4. It’s ‘you’re’ welcome critic.

  5. Lazy journalists have used “jail” & “prison” as interchangable terms for years, presumably reasoning that any loss of one’s freedoms is as bad as another. Anyone, journalist or not, who believes that is an obvious moron and not worth anyone’s time.
    We’re all fools for creating an environment where Lohan can make more money by going to jail than by working as an actress. It is easy to forget that this girl is a talented actress which makes her decline into freakshow satus much more sad than a waste of space like Paris Hilton. Hilton had nowhere to go but up but Lohan was a good actress. Maybe she will be again but I really hope she invests her interview money wisely. This will probably be the last substantial payday she sees for a while.

  6. Lindsay Lohan really needs some massive help.

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