The Summer of our Discontent: Viewers Staying Away From Scripted Series on the Broadcast Networks

Jul 14, 2010  •  Post A Comment

While scripted series continue to thrive on cable, viewers are giving a big "ho-hum" to them on the braodcast networks, our friend Gary Levin reports for USA Today.

According to the article, "ABC’s Sunday duo of ‘Scoundrels’ and ‘The Gates’ are barely registering, Fox’s comedic cop caper ‘The Good Guys’ is struggling, and NBC’s ‘Persons Unknown’ has been shunted off from Mondays to Saturdays to finish its run."

As for an explanation as to what’s going on, Horizon Media’s research guru Brad Adgate told USA Today, " ‘There’s a mind-set that summer’s coming, so the [broadcast] networks close up shop and put on reality shows and turn (viewers) over to cable. [The broadcast networks are] trying to turn the tables around, but maybe it’s a little too late for that.’ "

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  1. Viewers are not staying away from scripted series. They are staying away from BAD scripted series. The viewers have learned that they don’t have to accept bad programming anymore. They can turn the channel. The Networks need to look at what the viewers are watching and bring more of that.

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