Best Non-TV Story of the Day: Essential Question You Need to Ask Your Doctors: ‘Do You Believe in God?’ Because a Study Has Found That Those Doctors Who Don’t Are Twice As Likely To Pull The Plug on You (Like We Didn’t Have Enough To Worry About Already)

Aug 27, 2010  •  Post A Comment

"At the end of life, patients put their faith in doctors and, according to a new study, whether doctors put their faith in God makes a big difference in how they are treated," CBS News reports, adding, "According to a mail-in survey of nearly 4,000 British doctors, those who were atheist or agnostic were almost twice as willing to take actions designed to hasten the end of life. They were also far more likely to offer ‘continuous deep sedation until death’ and discuss end of life options with their patients."

The full study was published in the Journal of Medical Ethics.

So what does the study mean for you? Says the CBS News article, one view is "that religious doctors are slow to offer care that will ease pain at the end of life and quick to recommend treatment that will prolong life regardless of the cost to the patient and family.The flip view is that non-religious doctors are quick to take steps that will hasten death and quick to offer drugs that will render patients unconscious.’


  1. Odd. I would have thought belieivers would have been more likely to send the terminally ills and failing off to the “better life” in the clouds. There seems to be plenty of religious folks willing to do just that to perfectly healthy humans at random now.

  2. Another great post lika always, thanks for the info!

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