Murdoch’s Desire to Save Newspapers Could Help Push Apple’s 99-Cent TV Plan

Aug 31, 2010  •  Post A Comment

Rupert Murdoch’s desire to save newspapers may help push forward Apple’s plan to rent television shows for 99 cents per episode, reports the Los Angeles Times

Murdoch and other top News Corp. executives are considering joining a six-month trial of Apple’s television service because they believe it could help build a relationship with Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs, the story says. That, in turn, may boost benefits for News Corp.’s newspapers, the article adds.

Murdoch has said that Apple’s iPad will turn around print media by attracting readers who otherwise wouldn’t buy a physical newspaper subscription. News Corp.’s participation in the TV-rental plan would become pivotal, given that NBC Universal, CBS and Time Warner are resisting the idea, with only Walt Disney Co. supporting the idea, the article adds.


  1. How about .25 cents? saving ink and the whole process of going to the forest and killing the trees. or even less.

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