Could the Emmys Be Divided into Two Programs Next Year, With One for Broadcast and Another for Cable?

Aug 31, 2010  •  Post A Comment

An idea is circulating among television executives that may change the way the Emmys are presented in the future, reports The Hollywood Reporter

The top TV networks have been talking with the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences about potentially splitting the awards into two programs, with one for broadcast and another for cable or pay TV, the story says.

The audience for Sunday’s Emmys was down by nearly one-third from 2002, although it did show improvement from 2008, the article adds. Splitting the event would address a concern of broadcasters, who have seen cable networks take over the movie of the week, long-form and miniseries categories.

Broadcast executives have been frustrated that the Emmy Awards ceremony is becoming a promotional event for HBO and other cable networks, the article adds. ATAS isn’t commenting, the story says.


  1. Can you say “ACE Awards”?

  2. They have already split off the Creative Awards. The networks rotate the event, they still make money on it and air it before the Fall Line-Up. Relax your nervous, insecure little programming selves and get back to your regular ratings strategies and wars.
    Peter Bright

  3. I agree with Peter.
    Although the only way this will work is if they add more reality categories for the broadcast component otherwise “Modern Family” and “House” will sweep every year.

  4. Oh, if those same minds that work so hard to figure out ways to congratulate themselves could instead channel that creative juice into helping give birth to TV shows we want to watch and WORTHY OF THE EMMY…

  5. If it is to be only for showcasing categories that are dominated by Broadcast, the Network version will be very short.

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