‘CSI’ Producers Hope Zuiker’s Return to Writers’ Room Will Breathe Life Into Sagging Ratings

Aug 9, 2010  •  Post A Comment

Anthony Zuiker, the creator of CBS’s long-running hit series "CSI," has decided to resume a hands-on role in the writing of the show, reports New York magazine.

Zuiker has never walked away from the show, but has been less involved in the writing of the original “CSI” show for the past five years so he could lend a hand to the “CSI” spinoffs.

“CSI’s” producers hope Zuiker’s return to the writing–along with his well-known over-the-top story ideas–will boost the sagging ratings of the once-dominant crime procedural.

Zuiker’s ideas for future episodes reportedly include a vampire and werewolf convention, a shark in a pool, and a guest turn by Ann-Margret.


  1. I believe the sagging ratings are from Grissom being gone and Langston being pushed on us! I tried to watch, but I just can’t anymore…I do try harder when Sara is on…she occasionally mentions Grissom.

  2. An even better reason to stop watching all together. CSI didn’t get really good until AFTER he stopped writing for the show.

  3. I agree with her. I do not watch it like I used to.

  4. What I liked about the CSI shows to begin with was the “near truth” they approached as the solved their cases. What I like the least: over-the-top storylines and completely unbelieveable plots. Also the gore factor has been ramped up way beyond what it needs to be. A good investigation is still spellbinding if told correctly.

  5. I agree the loss of Grissom in favor of Langston being forced on us hurt, but quite frankly the episode quality has also fallen dramatically – watch the reruns or the DVDs of the first few seasons and you can easily see the difference.
    There have been good episodes the past few seasons, it’s just they’re lost among the season-long hunt for the killer mentality they’ve gotten into with first the doll killer and last season, Jekyll.
    Finally, given we knew before the season-ender that Fishburne was signed for another two seasons, what was the point of the Langston being stabbed “cliff hanger?”

  6. Thanks.

  7. That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.  (The words of American astronaut Neil A. Armstrong making his first steps on the moon on July, 1969).

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