ESPN Invites Fans to Submit Their Own Sports Highlights to Air on ‘SportsCenter’

Aug 30, 2010  •  Post A Comment

Fans who have always wanted to get 15 minutes of fame on “SportsCenter” now have a way to try to make it happen, according to B&C.

ESPN is teaming up with YouTube to encourage viewers to make their own sports clips for a “SportsCenter” highlight and submit them to the network.

According to John Kosner, ESPN senior VP and general manager for digital media, the best highlight clips featuring the viewers and their family members or friends will be broadcast on “SportsCenter.”

“There is a lot of ad sales interest in social media programs on ESPN.com and on ESPN Mobile,” said Kosner.


  1. A must see video of a kid doing an Odell Beckham Jr. tribute; a variety of insane one handed catches while doing a variety of things, like classical piano, wake-surfing, unicycling, etc.

    A must see. !!!


  2. Must see Trick Shots ? these kids are crazy!!!

  3. Nothing has been easy this year. Our 7 month baby girl gained her wings to SIDS Today our little boys told us our princess was going to make sure the Eagles won to make her daddy happy. This whole game he held her picture and her “my first Eagles football season with daddy”. With our angel watching over her daddy the Eagles are the new Super Bowl 52 Champions. ????
    ???????????? Half of my heart is in heaven ????

    Thank I for taking the time to read this my husband really needed to know she was still here with him even if her couldn’t see her. He is a big army man but those tears flowing he needed that we miss her more every day


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  4. Down by 9 with 47 seconds to go, this teams pulls off the unbelieveable win.

  5. Walk off HR ending to 113th annual Midnight Sun Game in Fairbanks, AK 6/21/2018

  6. Not a youtube video, but just news of an 87 year old shooting a 74 in golf today. Understood the record is 17 under age, but this is still significant. He regularly shoots mid 70’s. A wonderful Father having a great time of it.
    If you would like to persue, please get in touch.
    Bob Emerson

  7. IMG_8460.MOV Watch! 36 second video of my 14 yr old twin daughters playing club volleyball, this is the game winning point!!! #northpointvolleyballclub #untvolleyball #texastwinswinning

  8. https://twitter.com/Lynn_Knights/status/1096941034016292865

    Darius Moore Jr. PG Lynn Univ. Vs. Florida Southern in OT for 2nd place in Sunshine State Conference.

  9. Must Watch, 💥💥💥🔥🔥🔥 Mark Reyes Jr. Tampa,Fl

  10. Must Watch 💥💥💥🔥🔥🔥Mark Reyes Jr. Tampa,Fl Ringside View

  11. Must Watch ******* 7th grader for Hotshots Premier in Tennessee, making a diving play on a bunt. Much like the Jessie Warren play in last years National Championship for Florida State.
    The video cuts off before she doubles the runner off at first from her knees


  12. A must see video of Mostella winning the lolani classic dunk contest after jumping over three 7 ft players https://YouTube.be/Vlfgc6qExZA

  13. https://youtu.be/vAo0rOPHu_g

    9 year old took the whole team for a run….

  14. My little 9 year old QB. His pass to his receiver. Not too shabby for my boy. So proud! Check it out!

  15. Sissygamache@yahoo.com
    My name is Sissy Gamache. I am an actor, director and editor. I do develop a lot of boxing material. I was wondering if I can submit my work as an artist and fan. My husband is Joey Gamache. Former World Champion and Boxing Trainer.

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