FX Chief John Landgraf: Any TV Executive ‘Who Tells You They Don’t Wish the DVR Had Never Been Invented Is Lying”

Aug 4, 2010  •  Post A Comment

John Landgraf, speaking as president of FX, blasted the fact that digital video recorders had ever been invented, reports TV Critic Ed Martin, who writes for the Jack Myers Media Business Report.

Landgraf, speaking at the TV Critics Association’s annual summer tour in Beverly Hills, said, accoring to the article, ""I think anybody who sits in this chair as an executive who tells you they don’t wish the DVR had never been invented is lying. It’s a great device for consumers, and I use it heavily as a consumer myself. But we do pay a penalty. You know, we’re now losing upwards of 25 percent of the saleable audience from our shows. In other words, if you take a show on FX, we get paid, from an advertiser standpoint, typically now for about 75 percent of the people actually watching the show. The other 25 percent are, in fact, measurably watching the show, but not watching the commercials. Thankfully, we have a dual revenue stream. I think that’s more challenging for the broadcasters and that’s why you’re seeing broadcasters move towards a dual revenue model, too."

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