Good News on Two Fronts: NBC Is Committed to Bringing Back ‘Rockford,’ and the Move Could Mean a New Lead Role for a ‘Lost’ Refugee

Aug 20, 2010  •  Post A Comment

NBC remains interested in rebooting the James Garner detective series "The Rockford Files," and now the name attached to the project is a former cast member of "Lost," reports Entertainment Weekly.

Josh Holloway, who played James “Sawyer” Ford on “Lost,” is being considered for the role of Jim Rockford, the story says. The publication reports that Dermot Mulroney, who filmed the new pilot last spring, is now out of the running.

According to "House" executive producer David Shore, who is behind the reboot, “NBC is still high on the project. They would like it to happen. Peter Berg’s involved producing and possibly directing.”


  1. I’ve said all along, and it looks like it’s on it’s way there, if rebooting Hawaii Five-0 is successful for CBS, NBC will be kicking itself for not making Rockford work – especially with David Shore behind the project.

  2. I’ve been watching the old show on hulu lately, and I don’t see why they bother calling any “reboot” by the same name in this case. The original is so much a species of its time, and they’re undoubtedly going to “Entourage” the hell out of it to convert Jim Rockford from a cool yet vaguely shitheel dude to something “edgy and hip”. Plus, the cases will likely involve really “Hollywood” stuff rather than the mostly mundane subject matter of the original series.
    On another note, what was it with tv protagonists living in trailers back then, anyway? Between Rockford Files and that dude on Trapper John MD, those were pretty strange days indeed!

  3. Josh Holloway would make a great Rockford. NBC should throw the Brinks truck at him.

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