PC World Says About New Verizon iPad FiOS App: ‘You might want to skip it for now.’ Plus, Here are Lots of Other Choices for Streaming Video on an iPad

Aug 20, 2010  •  Post A Comment

PCWorld has taken a look at the new Verizon iPad FiOS app and comes to this conclusion: It an app "you might want to skip for now."

The article, written by Brennon Slattery, says, "The app’s restrictions — including a lack of portability and the cost of service — make it an iPad add-on you might want to skip for now."

Furthermore, Slattery writes, "A streaming video app is also nothing new for the iPad — there are many current offerings and even more on the way.

•The Netflix app streams video-on-demand content through a user’s Netflix subscription
•Hulu is working on an iPad app to utilize its new premium paid service
•Major League Baseball has had a streaming app since the iPad’s launch
•ABC has one for its popular shows
•Dish Network will be releasing a streaming TV app soon
•Comcast’s forthcoming iPad app features social elements that allow for sharing TV shows
•Time Warner will be bringing video-on-demand with its app
•Cablevision has ideas for an app, but like Verizon, its streaming TV feature will be restricted to your home
•HBO wants to bring its on-demand HBO Go service to the iPad"


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