Report: Let’s Assume Verizon Will Get the iPhone. If So, Who Are the Winners and Who Are the Losers

Aug 18, 2010  •  Post A Comment

An article in InfoWorld makes this supposition: If Verizon Gets the iPhone, who are the winners and who are the losers.

First, the article says, some of the conventional wisdom is wrong: "The spin-jockeying has already begun: AT&T is pre-emptively claiming that losing its exclusive grip on the iPhone won’t hurt its revenue. On the heels of that, Motorola floated the idea that it will benefit if the iPhone goes to Verizon. Both are likely wrong."

Though both Apple and Verizon will be winners, the article says both companies need to be careful:

"Apple, for example, has to be wary about what it claims the iPhone can do. ‘Remember those ads Apple ran about the ability to do things like look up a movie time while you’re talking to your buddy?’ says [Gartner analyst Charles] Golvin. ‘No can do that on [Verizon’s] network.’ (Back in the spring, Verizon was rumored to be making upgrades to its network to allow for simultaneous voice and data usage, but nothing has come to fruition yet.)"

On the losing side InfoWorld places Sprint, T-Mobile, Motorola, HTC, and, to a certain extent, AT&T.


  1. Hopefully Verizon’s network will be able to handle the load of all those iPhone users on top of all the Droids already consuming (lots of) data.
    This will likely add inertia to the cries of “need moar spectrum plz” that will likely end in railroading many of us local broadcasters out of the industry.

  2. The winner is Google. Android is cleaning up and will soon pass Apple as the #1 preferred phone operating system.

  3. obviously ,AT&T and Verizon are both winners. but who cares ? i am just a consumer, just a iphone 4 user ,if you have a iphone 4 ,i suggest you download a aneesoft iphone video converter. that will be a surprise ~~

  4. loser at this moment is any sucker that stood in long line for iPhone on AT&T crap network

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