Sure, HDTV Is Available on 20-Inch TV Screens, but Does It Matter?

Aug 16, 2010  •  Post A Comment

Getting the top-quality high-definition television resolution on a smaller set sounds like a good deal — after all, a 20-inch set will set you back just $300 — but in reality, the benefits of such sharp resolution on small screens are "minuscule,"reports the Los Angeles Times.

1080p resolution has become more common on smaller TV sets for a reason, the article says. The manufacturers, companies such as ViewSonic Corp. and Hannspree, were previously better known for computer monitors. And higher resolution works visually for computer screens, the article says.

But not so much for TV sets. "To see 1,080 vertical lines of resolution you need at least a TV of about 46 inches to fully see it. At 26 inches, forget it, you won’t tell the difference."" says HDGuru.com editor Gary Merson.

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