Will Larry King Stick Around Longer?

Aug 20, 2010  •  Post A Comment

It’s possible that Larry King will delay his departure from CNN until the end of the year, instead of leaving in the fall, as his widely thought replacement, Piers Morgan, is reportedly having trouble getting a work visa, reports the New York Post

CNN remains set on replacing King with Morgan, the story says. But because Morgan is a citizen of the U.K., he needs a special visa that will give him permission to work full-time in the U.S., and which are increasingly becoming difficult to obtain, the article says.

His current visa, which allows him to work on "America’s Got Talent" in the summer, permits him to work for a limited number of days in the country. But with the job on CNN, he needs to switch visas to allow him to work year-round.


  1. Oh, good. We need one more interview of Debbie Reynolds.

  2. As Larry’s 1st Exec. National Producer and always a supporter of Larry, after all of those years, for goodness sake, Larry, leave on a high note. What did I try to teach you in the earlier Post Newsweek days? Those days , of course led to your spectacular success but as I said then, nothing is forever, so leave as one of the most sucessful TV personalities of any decade.

  3. Yes we really do – she is a true legend.

  4. Maybe he could work with that new invention – Satellite.

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