With Leak of Behind-the-Scenes Video, Couric-Palin Feud Ramps Up With Comments About Palin’s Kids

Aug 5, 2010  •  Post A Comment

The leak of a behind-the-scenes CBS News satellite feed may add fuel to the feud between CBS News anchorwoman Katie Couric and former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as the clip shows Couric making fun of Palin’s childrens’ names, reports the New York Post.

The video was shot in September 2008 (to see it, click here) and shows Couric rehearsing a report on Palin on the day she was chosen as John McCain’s running mate, the story says. In the middle of reading a line about two of Palin’s children, Track and Trig, Couric veers off script to say, "Where the hell do they get these [names]?" the story says. Couric later has to check on the pronunciation of Wasilla, Palin’s hometown. When asked about the video, a CBS News representative said, "It must be a very slow news day," the article says.


  1. Wonder if she thinks BamBam’s kids have funny names?

  2. Hey Couric,
    Go out and shoot a moose.
    THAT will get you some publicity.

  3. Couric has to be one of the least professional news professionals I have ever heard.
    If you’ve ever wondered if TV news standards (of decorum, if nothing else) have declined, can anyone imagine David Brinkly, Chet Huntley, or Walter Cronkite making a crack like that about kids names?
    They may have thought it, but they came from a generation that had the common decency to keep such thoughts to themselves. Unlike those who came later and who, despite their ages, clearly do not posses maturity levels beyond those of high school cliques.

  4. Saying something personal and done behind closed doors should not be available for public scrutiny.

  5. Palin was just trying for different names since all the rest of the good Alaskan ones were taken like Moosie, Bear, & Beaver.

  6. Broadcasting 101. If there is mic around, assume that it is on and that the world is listening.

  7. Obviously, Track is short for Tracker, as in following an animal by its pawprints in the snow or mud. And Trig is short for Trigger, which you pull when you have said animal in your sights. And that’s where Sarah gets the idea for shooting off her mouth and making tracks to the nearest morons who will pay her $10,000 dollars to give them a wink or two and pretend to have half a brain. Her war cry…”I quit!” as in being Governor of Alaska for half a term…Sheesh!

  8. She only quit after being hounded by hoards of attorneys sent to Alaska to harass her. Every lawsuit cost the state money and she finally did the right thing. But those Democrats are more compassionate, honest!

  9. Where do all you sick, mindless, Rupert-sucking lemmings come from? Do you hover all day over your keyboards until you get told which buttons to push? Do you not-quit–men keep busy all night by staring at a spattered photo of dimwit Palin and fondling yourselves? Do you ovine she-creatures wiggle your fingers until dawn and dream of crawling under the oxycontin-soaked hulk of Limbaugh? Do any of you ever learn anything, or question anything, or think for yourselves? Are you ever not in front of a Fox Noise machine? You poor, weak-minded sheep, if you choke on your bumper-sticker beliefs, will it make any difference? Those of us who can read, reason, and think for ourselves, won’t miss you, but what about the young you leave behind? You think they’ll be proud of your brainless, bigoted legacy? Grow up and have an independent thought. It’ll not only serve your country, but probably improve the taste of your roadkill. Jeez, what a bunch of fools…

  10. It actually wasn’t costing the state that much. Her personal legal bills were pretty big though. Left or right, that’s politics.

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