Blockbuster Files for Bankruptcy

Sep 23, 2010  •  Post A Comment

The Blockbuster video stores and online DVD rental service filed for bankruptcy protection Thursday, Reuters reports.

The company, which has been forced to close stores around the country–leaving it with about 3,000 still open–has been struggling to compete with Netflix and other online and mail-order DVD/movie services.

Despite the Chapter 11 filing, business will continue as usual for Blockbuster for the foreseeable future, according to the story.

A group headed by Carl Icahn has reportedly signed off on a restructuring deal that gives the group a controlling interest in the company.


  1. Now the kids will have to get up from the TV and go to Google Images and look at Jenni Farley images.
    When will you right wingnuts (sic) start to worry about important things like poverty, peace, and equality?

  2. This makes my day. There are only a few companies that I dislike as much as Blockbusters. I am thrilled to see this preditory and unscrupulous company go under. I am sure there are a lot of Ma and Pa video rental stores that they drove out of business with their immoral practices who will not be broken hearted as well.

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