Bristol Palin Bans Ex-Fiance Levi Johnston From ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Audience

Sep 9, 2010  •  Post A Comment

Bristol Palin is demanding that her ex-fiance, Levi Johnston, be banned from the audience of "Dancing with the Stars," on which she’ll be competing this season, reports PopEater.com.

Bristol Palin will move to Los Angeles with her son Tripp, with whom she shares custody with Johnston, once the show starts airing live each week, the story says. She doesn’t want to "see his big goofy grin looking at her" as she’s competing, according to an unnamed family friend.


  1. The only thing sleazier than a member of the Palin family is Levi Johnston.

  2. you must be a dem.to be so pissed off

  3. @Nancy,
    You must be a moron to say such a stupid comment about someone you know nothing about…Let me guess, pre-maritarital-sex-loving-family-values hypocrite?
    How’s that for a generalization?

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