Deputy Sheriff Who Arrested Mel Gibson in 2006–and Who Documented Gibson’s Alleged Anti-Semitic Tirade–Sues His Own Department, Claiming He’s Been Subjected to Disciplinary Action and Overlooked For Promotions

Sep 8, 2010  •  Post A Comment

"Sheriff’s Deputy James Mee is suing the County of Los Angeles for alleged discrimination and harassment, saying he’s been singled out in a four-year investigation into who leaked a confidential arrest report to TMZ.com that detailed Gibson’s alleged anti-Semitic tirade," People magazine reports.

According to the article, Mee’s lawyer, Etan Z. Lorant, says, " "My client simply wants to be left alone to do his job at the sheriff’s department."

The article also says, "Mee claims he was ordered by his superiors, Lt. Crystal Miranda and Sgt. Kevin Finch, to delete portions of his report shortly after Gibson was arrested "effectively participating in covering up the anti-Semitic posture of Mr. Gibson," the lawsuit states. The actor allegedly called Mee a "[expletive] Jew" and said, "Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world," among other invectives.

"Gibson had close ties to the sheriff’s department, Mee alleges, and was a close friend of Sheriff Lee Baca and other top officials. The actor also lent his time and name to various law enforcement initiatives, the lawsuit adds. The deputy also accused another superior, Sgt. Tracy Palmer, of having erased a portion of a videotape of Gibson’s being booked, and claims that Sgt. Finch was at one time a member of Gibson’s Malibu church."

Speaking for the Sheriff’s Department, spokesperson Steve Whitmore told People, "We categorically deny this lawsuit. This has nothing to do with ethnicity. What the sheriff’s department did was launch an investigation because someone was releasing confidential documents, which is a crime. We look forward to telling the whole story in this case."


  1. This is a surprise?The Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department has already earned a reputation for its anti-sementism and for “adjusting” their evidence so as not to besmirch the good name of (white) celebrities who are known to be religious fundamentalists. Since I’m neither jewish nor black nor any longer a citizen of L.A. County, I feel relatively safe in writing the truth that everybody in Southern California knows anyway.
    Get real. The fix is in, and nothing’s going to change. The deputy in question, James Mee, is toast.

  2. What does this have to do with the business of television? Is this an industry trade magazine or a gossip tabloid?

  3. I read this somewhere else but the author was biased. Thanks.

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