First Show Canceled in New Season No Surprise: Fox’s ‘Lone Star’

Sep 28, 2010  •  Post A Comment

Though the critics liked it, the public stayed away in droves–thus Fox has canceled "Lone Star."

According to James Hibberd at The Hollywood Reporter, "Only 4.1 million viewers showed up for the ‘Lone Star’ premiere [on a very competitive Monday, Sept. 20th]. More crucially, the show drew a 1.3 adults 18-49 rating, making it the lowest-rated show on a major broadcast network that night. Fox gave ‘Lone Star’ a second chance last night [Monday, Sept 27], but viewership sank to 3.2 million viewers while its demo rating fell 23% to a 1.0."

Added the article, "Combined with a sizable drop for "House" this year, the shows gave Fox a 60% lower average rating for the first night of the season compared to last year."

 "Lie to Me" will replace "Lone Star" starting next week.

Hibberd also wrote that some questioned whether "Lone Star’ really belonged on cable and not broadcast. However, he quotes Fox Entertainment President Kevin Reilly as saying that the reason shows such as AMC’s "Mad Men" don’t pull bigger audiences is that they don’t have big broadcast network marketing machines behind them.


  1. I really enjoyed “Lone Star” and I hope Fox or another network will resurrect it at a less competitive time slot. It was tragic to have it up against DWTS.
    It’s not often a new show has such promise – great concept, great script, well-cast and believable actors, and fresh in its approach. Far better than many of the other new shows I’ve seen this season so far…….DARN!!!!!!

  2. I didn’t watch the show. The promos did nothing to draw me in. Best I could tell was about a con artist cheating on two wives and his children. I had no desire to watch some guy ruin peoples lives, too much of that is happening in real life. The show may have been better than that, but that’s what the promos showed.

  3. The main attraction for “Lone Star” was simply one thing: the eye-candy of James Wolk. That simply was not enough, even though the camera continually lingered over him. The shows premise was silly and actually sleazy — a con man juggling two marriages and developing some qualms about cheating people with his flimsy schemes. Give me a break. Not exacly appealing. There’s a chance Wolk will get further opportunities to ply his charms, but I suspect it will take him a while to get past this bomb.

  4. I gave it a shot but was bored. I just didn’t care about any of the characters. Wolk may be handsome, but he knows it and his vanity shows. That’s also a drawback. Also, the oil industry is not exactly as exciting as it once was to viewers, what with the Gulf spill. Maybe if he’d been British people would have been more interested. What made shows like ‘Dallas’ work were the outrageous personalities of the characters.

  5. The promos never gave me a reason to watch.

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