Fox’s Immediate Plans for ‘Lone Star’ After Its Low-Rated Debut

Sep 23, 2010  •  Post A Comment

Fox has decided what it will do with "Lone Star" after its very low-rated start on Monday. 

Fox will keep the show on-air for at least one more week, despite its disastrous debut, reports Joe Adalian at New York Magazine’s Vulture blog.

There had been some speculation that one option Fox might choose, after "Lone Star" drew just 4 million viewers despite being one of the most praised pilots of the season, was cancel the show.

But the programmers at Fox have decided to give it at least another week, to see if it can pull viewers after the hype over the return of "Dancing with the Stars" and the new NBC program "The Event" settles down, the story says. "Nobody at the network is kidding themselves, though: Even if ‘Lone Star’ jumped 30 percent next week, it would still be considered a disappointment, and quick cancellation is still the most likely outcome for the show," Adalian writes.

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