He’s No Joaquin Phoenix: Set Your DVRs For, Well, A Rarely Shown Real Stinker (Not Available on DVD) Wherein Johnny Cash Plays a Sociopathic Killer In His Movie Debut

Sep 10, 2010  •  Post A Comment

‘Nuff said. It’s “Five Minures to Live” on TCM at 2 a.m. tonight (really Saturday morning) eastern time, and earlier in all other time zones.

If you really want to torture yourself, below we present a short clip of  Cash singing "Five Minutes to Live" to a potential victim (Cash wrote the lyrics). Actually, the clip, like the movie, is unintentionally very funny.

How bad was this movie? After it bombed upon release in 1961 it was re-released to drive-ins and theaters as "Door-to-Door Maniac."

Little Ronny Howard and Pamela  Mason are also in the movie.

After seeing this clip one of the greatest movie exchanges in history will be forever inscribed in your mind:

Cay Forrester (the woman who plays a potential victim): "Do you want me to just sit here and listen to you sing?

Cash: "Knit!"

Forrester: "Knit? I don’t knit."


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