Holy $#*! CBS Looks To Develop Another Twitter Feed Into Another Sitcom

Sep 28, 2010  •  Post A Comment

CBS is developing a new comedy based on another Twitter feed, following the successful debut of its Twitter-based comedy "$#*! My Dad Says," reports the Hollywood Reporter’s The Live Feed blog.

The new project is based on a Twitter feed called "Shh … Don’t Tell Steve,"  the story says. The premise of the feed is that a roommate is secretly tweeting about the behavior of his unemployed, drunken roommate. It’ draws more than 15,000 followers as of today, Sept. 28, 2010.

Sample tweets include, "Shelly stopped by. Asked Steve to put on pants. Steve: "I don’t wear pants when I’m sick. How long have we known each other?" and "Steve called in sick to work saying he ate a "bad batch of wings" He DID eat a ton of wings but it was the Beam and Cokes that did him in."

If the project makes it to the schedule, the article makes that joke that it could be paired with "$#*! My Dad Says" as a kind of Must-Tweet TV.

The project is being produced by CBS TV Studios and Ashton Kutcher’s Katalyst. CBS is also developing a second project, called "Murses," about two male nurses, which is from CBS TV Studios and New Wave, the article adds.

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