Jonathan Franzen’s Latest Novel Reportedly Will Be Oprah’s Book Club Pick; If So It Would End Her Dispute With the Writer

Sep 16, 2010  •  Post A Comment

Oprah Winfrey willl reportedly pick Jonathan Franzen’s latest novel, "Freedom," as the final selection for the book club she does on her syndicated TV show, reports the New York Post.

Nine years ago, Winfrey rescinded her decision to pick Franzen’s "The Corrections" on-the-air after hearing that Franzen was uncomfortable being chosen for the book club. 

Franzen had initially participated in the decision that got "The Corrections" chosen by Oprah, according to Wikipedia.  

Then, Franzen went on NPR’s "Fresh Air" and said, "So much of reading is sustained in this country, I think, by the fact that women read while men are off golfing or watching football on TV or playing with their flight simulator or whatever. I worry — I’m sorry that it’s, uh — I had some hope of actually reaching a male audience and I’ve heard more than one reader in signing lines now at bookstores say, ‘If I hadn’t heard you, I would have been put off by the fact that it is an Oprah pick. I figure those books are for women. I would never touch it.’ Those are male readers speaking. I see this as my book, my creation."

In response, says Wikipedia, "Winfrey announced, ‘Jonathan Franzen will not be on the Oprah Winfrey show because he is seemingly uncomfortable and conflicted about being chosen as a book club selection. It is never my intention to make anyone uncomfortable or cause anyone conflict. We have decided to skip the dinner and we’re moving on to the next book.’ "

Despite the falling out with Oprah, the book was a major bestseller.

If Winfrey picks "Freedom" as her latest book club choice it would indicate the two had put the past incident behind them.


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