Most Consumers Don’t Find 3D a Compelling Reason to Buy a New Television Set

Sep 24, 2010  •  Post A Comment

Most consumers say they don’t feel 3D capability is enough of a reason to buy a new television set, reports TelevisionBroadcast.com, citing a Deloitte survey of almost 2,000 U.S. consumers. 

“At a time when 72 percent of consumers have cut their overall entertainment budget… the majority of survey respondents–83 percent–agree 3D is not important enough to buy a new television," according to the study.

Part of the indifference to the new sets may be that millions of consumers have already upgraded their TV sets in the last few years with HDTV sets. Glasses are another drawback, because people feel they can’t do much else while wearing the special 3D glasses, something the Deloitte study confirmed."Aside from possibly being uncomfortable and geeky, they are also a barrier to the multitasking that consumers engage in while watching TV," said Deloitte’s Ed Moran, the article says.


  1. I find it compelling enough, I can’t wait to get a 3D projector for my 102 inch Stewart Screen and also a 100 inch 3D LCD.
    I also can’t wait for my 3D PC that will be cool

  2. wow dude how cool u getting a new tv—-rock on dude! lol

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