Next Stop on Lohan’s Road to (Career) Rehab Could Be a High-Profile One

Sep 14, 2010  •  Post A Comment

Lindsay Lohan is reportedly in talks for a gig that has the potential to put her career back in the spotlight, even though it probably would include (again) making fun of her legal problems and substance-related issues.

The New York Daily News reports that the embattled star is talking with the people at NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” about what would be her third appearance as host of the show. If it works out, the story reports, Lohan would host the Dec. 4 show.

The idea has been talked about in part to show that Lohan can laugh at herself and–hopefully–rehabilitate her tattered reputation, which suffered a setback when she was sent to jail this summer for probation violation.

Reportedly, Lohan’s appearance over the weekend on MTV’s Video Music Awards telecast, in which the actress made herself the butt of a few jokes, impressed the folks at “SNL” enough to get the discussion started.



  1. If she wants to make light and funny of her shenanigans, she should consider being on a show that is actually funny.

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