Oprah Shouts to Season Opening Audience of 300, ‘We’re Going to Australia!’

Sep 13, 2010  •  Post A Comment

During Monday’s opening show of her 25th and final season in syndication, Oprah Winfrey stunned her studio audience with the revelation that all 300 people would be accompanying her on a trip to Australia, the AP reports.

In addition to the big giveaway, stars John Travolta, Don Johnson and Paul Simon were also on the program.

According to the report, "Winfrey teared up during a surprise appearance from singer/songwriter Paul Simon, who sang a song he’d written in honor of the show’s 10th season with updated lyrics."


  1. On Tuesdays show she announced she will raise someone from the dead! Cant wait!

  2. Dude in audience says, “Aw! I don’t wanna go to Australia!”

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