Ratings For Martha Stewart’s Debut on Hallmark Channel Well Below Reruns It Replaced

Sep 16, 2010  •  Post A Comment

The ratings of the debut of Martha Stewart on the Hallmark Channel fell well below the ratings of the reruns it replaced, reports The Hollywood Reporter.

"The Martha Stewart Show" debuted with just 199,000 viewers on Monday at 10 a.m. on Hallmark, compared with the 514,000 viewers who watched "The Golden Girls" in the same time period a year earlier, the story says. The 4 p.m. and 5 p.m. repeats of the program drew just 115,000 and 80,000 viewers–well below the 346,000 and 344,000 who tuned in on Hallmark a year earlier to watch "Little House on the Prairie" and "M*A*S*H," the article says.

Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia Executive Chairman Charles Koppelman said last week that the show may need some time to alert fans to its network move.

In previous years "The Martha Stewart Show" had been in national syndication.

To read a revealing interview with Bill Abbott about the Hallmark-Martha Stewart strategy that was conducted a few weeks ago, click here.


  1. Martha Stewart made an outstanding debut with an interesting, quality show. Obviously, Hallmark channel has braindead viewers who will eventually come alive with the excellent programming from Martha Stewart.
    Nielsen ratings is hocus-pocus stuff done in secrecy with no transparency that’s no different from pulling numbers out of the ether. Nielsen ratings should stick to its stranglehold on trash programming on broadcast tv. Nielsen has no relevance to the Hallmark channel, which stands for quality tv programming.

  2. Sad because I cannot see daily Martha Steward on ABC !!!
    Me, as a lot ofriends, Hallmark Channel. In this era of crisis, thousands of homes like mine, cannot pay for more than Basic Cable, that does not includes Hallmark !!!
    To have Marhta in the regular ABC, or if she wants to move to NBC was a daily treat !
    Pretty sad i Gaithersburg, MD !

  3. I loved Hallmark channel. But very upset at Martha Stewart taking over the Channel. There is enough home decorating, also we have a cooking channel if that is your choice. I never have liked Martha Stewart, so I am very disappointed with HALLMARK. comcast customer.

  4. I really love the new Hallmark line up with new and past Martha Stewart shows. I really hope it continues.

  5. Here’s the real question: when do the people responsible for spending $5-million in marketing dollars behind this effort get fired?
    $5-million to produce 48k viewers W25-54.
    Pathetic by any measurement.

  6. @ KeenObserver. Really? When ratings aren’t what you want them to be, you blame the “braindead” viewers (or lack of braindead viewers) and the rating system? The “we are puting on a good show and I don’t care what the viewers think” attitude has gotten a lot of people fired in this business.

  7. More proof that Hallmark Channel is not worth what they are demanding from cable systems. And more evidence why the current system of charging people for channels they never watch will doom cable. The next generation is not subscribing because they can’t choose their programming and are being forced to pay for programming they don’t watch. The cable systems are headed the way of radio and print becuse of their inability to change for the future.

  8. Is Martha Stewart still on the air? I can’t believe people actually pay money to see someone arrange flowers in a vase. And people wonder why the country is going down the toilet.

  9. Seriously, Neil? You think shows like Martha Stewart’s are the reason this “country is going down the toilet”? Seriously? That’s the problem? Nothing to do w/morality, violence, or economic issues, etc., but home decorating?! Really?

  10. If anyone cares about my two cents –
    Of course morality, violence, economic issues, etc. are dragging the country down. But the OTHER ENORMOUS PROBLEM is that the country is full of IDIOTS who want to spend their time watching someone arrange flowers in a vase. Ever heard of intellectual stimulation? Without intellectual stimulation, the country is going to continue going down the toilet. MSL isn’t the worst thing on TV, but she sure isn’t for any rocket scientists.
    Mindless shows like MSL will keep us in the rut we’re already in. Sounds like you, rhianjane, watch MSL a little too much but I guess it’s better than Jersey Shore. Congratulations.

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