Repeat of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Gets Viewer Warning After Eerie Parallel Shooting

Sep 17, 2010  •  Post A Comment

A repeat of a two-part episode of "Grey’s Anatomy" was aired with a viewer warning on Thursday after a real-life shooting that day eerily mirrored the TV show, reports the New York Times’ Media Decoder blog. 

The repeat episodes were the ABC show’s season finales, first aired last May. The story involves a man whose wife died at the hospital killing some health-care workers and eventually killing himself after a lockdown, the article says. At Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore Thursday, a gunman whose mother was a patient at the hospital shot a doctor and then killed his mother and himself, the story adds.

The warning shown before the program said, "Due to today’s news events and the depiction of graphic violence in the following program, viewer discretion is advised.”

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