Report: Jennifer Lopez to Receive $12 Million for ‘American Idol’ Gig, While TV and Film Demands Were Denied

Sep 13, 2010  •  Post A Comment

Jennifer Lopez has accepted a $12 million deal to become a judge on Fox’s "American Idol," although most of her "diva demands" weren’t met, Deadline.com reports.

According to the article, "Jennifer Lopez had been negotiating for a guaranteed "go" motion picture and TV pilots at Fox to accompany an asked-for $15 million ‘American Idol’ judging paycheck. But the powers-that-be who produce ‘Idol’ — Fox, Fremantle, and 19 Entertainment — balked."

Lopez had been trying to get a "vanity deal," which don’t exist these days, to keep her movie career going, the story points out. One reason the "Idol" announcement on its new judges has been delayed is that Lopez has asked to time it with Island Def Jam releasing her first single in mid-September, the article says.


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