Susan Boyle Drops Out of Show When Lou Reed Denies Her Permission to Sing Song

Sep 9, 2010  •  Post A Comment

Susan Boyle was devastated after rocker Lou Reed told her she couldn’t sing his "Perfect Day" on "America’s Got Talent" for its Wednesday show, reports the New York Post’s Page Six.

As a result, she had to pull out of the show because she couldn’t change the song at the last minute, the report says. Boyle had been rehearsing the song with a 100-piece children’s choir. According to the report, Reed declined to allow her to sing his hit song because he’s not a fan of hers. Representatives for Reed, Boyle and NBC declined to comment.


  1. Lou Reed sounds like a jerk. He should be flattered she wanted to sing one of his songs.

  2. Miss Boyle came across from the UK
    Wanted to sing Mr. Reed’s song for the USA
    A hustle here and a bustle there
    New York Post’s the place where
    he said, “Hey, babe, keep your pipes off-a my song…”
    Said “Hey, Susan, keep your pipes off-a my song…”
    -Apologies to Mr. Reed

  3. It doesn’t appear that Mr. Reed is aging graciously. A simple, “The song is particularly meaningful to me, and I feel that I must decline the request,” would have been more than adequate.

  4. (applause)

  5. Singing his song could have generated sales for him.
    But then his thinking might have been that she could have made a big hit out of the song and made more money than he did from the tune

  6. The lyrics to that song, on the surface, seem basically sweet. Lou Reed and most of his songs, in reality, are anything but. While I’m not about to say what his intended subtext is, I suspect Mr. Reed knows that Ms. Boyle has no clue AT ALL, and thus misses the whole point of the song. So why let her do a sugar-glazed misfire? Kudos to his artistic integrity, and fending off crapification.
    And yes, I’m a Lou Reed and Velvet underground fan, besides.

  7. Marly is right. A bit of class maybe but what would you expect from a rocker.
    Then maybe having your song integrated on ‘Glee’ is a bit more classy than having someone sing it on a reality show where no one believes that its inclusion in such a show has any value.
    At the end of the day, it’s probably not about Susan singing it but more about where she is singing it.

  8. Is “subtext” a euphemism for double-meaning?
    If so, maybe Mr Reed (and others like him) ought to be little more honest and write lyrics with words that say exactly what he wants to say, rather than trying to be clever by hiding behind euphemism, double meaning, and faddish colloquial expression.
    But where would be the fun in that?
    I guess it’s better to leave the old fogies (and the perceived clueless who don’t “get” you) scratching their heads in confusion, than have them really understand what you’re saying.
    Of course if one had the courage of one’s convictions, one wouldn’t be concerned with what others (let alone old fogies and the clueless) thought of one’s work.
    Way to go, Mr Reed. That took a real big pair of brass ones.
    PS, no Susan Boyle fan here, but I wouldn’t be so arrogant as to say she has no clue about the point of the song. Her picking of that song may say more than anyone is aware of.

  9. It’s a simple question of copyright law. Why did she not seek prior approval, before assuming, (and rehearsing the song with an children’s choir,) that she could just sing someone else’s song. I thought all professionals, (she is a professional now, is she not?!?) were aware of the proper steps that needed to be addressed before covering another songwriter’s song. I guess I was wrong about her being a professional. My friend Lou has every right to control when, where, and by whom his songs may be sung!

  10. Someone in legal f*cked-up royally, they should have cleared the rights long before hiring a 100-piece choir and scheduling the show. Epic Fail.

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