‘This is OnStar. Can You Tell Us Where You Just Had Your Accident?’ ‘Huh? No, Dude, I Just Wanna Update My Facebook Page to Let Everyone Know I Just Honked at Lindsay Lohan. I Think It Was Her.’ OnStar Now Working With Facebook So You Can Do Audio Updates

Sep 16, 2010  •  Post A Comment

We can’t make this stuff up. OnStar, the service best known for connecting drivers who have had auto accidents with emergency services, will test letting its customers make audio updates to their Facebook pages while driving, Advertising Age reports.

According to the article, "The General Motors-backed brand is attempting to redefine the meaning of in-car communications: It’s now beta-testing voice-texting features, as well as audio Facebook updates that would let OnStar subscribers verbally update their Facebook status…"

Furthermore, Sam Mancuso, general director of OnStar Marketing, told Ad Age, "Today people are texting while they are driving. It’s not legal and it’s a very bad idea; 47% of people who are texting say that they have done so in their vehicle while driving. To do a normal text message takes 4.6 seconds, and at the speed of 55 miles an hour, someone can travel the length of a football field. We know that people want to use technology, but we are working on using it in ways that they don’t have to be distracted. Our goal is to minimize that distraction to virtually zero."

Mancuso continued, "The litmus test we use is ‘Keep your eyes on the road, your hands on the wheel and your mind on the drive.’ If we find that the texting service or Facebook audio update capability causes people to be distracted we’re not going to do it. We’ll vet those things out internally. … We’d be very proud to talk to you, others in the media or family and friends and say we tested it, developed it and it’s not safe.

To read the entire Ad Age article, click here.


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