With Expensive Smartphones Comes Ways to Avoid Losing Them — With Irritating and Sometimes Embarrassing Techniques

Sep 3, 2010  •  Post A Comment

Rich Jaroslovsky of Bloomberg takes a look at devices designed to keep you from losing your expensive smartphone, and finds that the problem-solvers "intend to irritate, and by and large do a good job of it."

There are people who may be in need of such devices, since about 30 million wireless phones go missing in the U.S. each year, the story says. The Zomm is a gadget that lights up and sounds an alarm when you walk more than 30 feet away from the device to which you’ve linked it, the story says. It costs about $80 and works via Bluetooth to connect to a phone.

 "Walk off, and it begins to flash more rapidly, vibrate and emit an alarm that, even buried in the depths of my pocket, was loud enough to command the attention of several colleagues when I deliberately ventured away from my iPhone," he writes.

The Phone Halo, by contrast, costs about $60 but only works with Blackberrys and phones using Google’s Android operating system. It offers options such as alerting your Twitter followers that you’ve lost your phone, although "fear of public humiliation kept me from trying out that one," he writes.


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