Alexandra Lippin Promoted to SVP at Lippin Group

Oct 19, 2010  •  Post A Comment

The Lippin Group announced today that Alexandra Lippin has been promoted to senior vice president of the international entertainment marketing, public relations and strategic communications firm. The announcement was made by Dick Lippin, chairman and chief executive of The Lippin Group.

Alexandra Lippin will be based at The Lippin Group’s Los Angeles headquarters and will continue to be responsible for overseeing entertainment events, fashion and lifestyle communications public relations campaigns for a number of the company’s U.S. clients

She also is the co-head of a division of the company called Brand2Hollywood, which merges branded product, entertainment industry events and the media to develop creative campaigns and ideas to increase awareness, visibility and placement within the Hollywood arena, the company said in its announcement.

“Yes, Alexandra is my daughter,” Dick Lippin said, “but I am absolutely in awe at what she has accomplished professionally. She has skills, relationships and achieved results that, without any question, merit this promotion.”


  1. I respect parents open-minded enough to realize the talents and potential of their children, especially in a climate of naysayers. An added bonus by promoting Alexandra is that you can trust your own children not to rip you off — something often missing in Hollywood.
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