Another TV Star Behaving Badly: Andy Dick Allegedly Flashes Coffee House Patrons

Oct 27, 2010  •  Post A Comment

Mark it down as another TV star behaving badly: Andy Dick allegedly flashed patrons of Hollywood’s Cafe Audrey on Monday, reports PopEater.com

Dick allegedly kissed a male companion on the mouth, exposed his genitals and then staggered down the street, the story says. The article says Dick was allegedly "in a drunken stupor."

PopEater.com adds that Dick has allegedly flashed before, at an Independence Day celebration this summer, and that he’s twice been arrested for allegedly making unwanted sexual advances toward men and women.


  1. This just goes to prove that he really is a . . . well, let’s just say his last name says it all!

  2. …and this surprises us how?

  3. Is anybody surprised at the antics of this weirdo? Poor devil, he is giving the fags a bad name.

  4. Hey Red…Homophobe much?!?!?!?

  5. Well, I see the thought police are still alive; well, I’m not so sure about.
    Thanks for straightening me out, Randy.
    Could you please Email me your list of forbidden words? For example it is not permitted to say “Colored People,” but “People of Color” is OK? Why do Mexicans call themselves Mexicans,
    but we have to say “Hispanic?”
    Who thought up all these rules, anyway?

  6. Another TV Star Behaving Badly???
    Since when has Andy Dick been a “TV Star” ??
    I agree with Red. Randy.. how is that homophobic? Why is it that when someone uses the words it is always hateful?
    Ok, Red. You will get a slap on the hand. THe next time you post you cannot use the word “fags”.. Try “gays” or “homos”.

  7. I guess you’re right Red and Warrior. You two “Fags” can continue to suck each other off without fear of anyone judging you. Just continue to keep it in the public bathrooms and back rooms of churches so that it’s not considered gay by you and your kind.

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