Conan O’Brien Defiant, Tells NBC to Sue Him in Court If They Think He’s Stealing

Oct 28, 2010  •  Post A Comment

When Conan O’Brien’s new talk show launches on TBS Nov. 8, he plans to use the comic bits he created during his NBC tenure–such as the masturbating bear–and he hopes that NBC will take him to court over the issue, reports TV Guide.

Conan told Rolling Stone, "What I really wanna do is be sued over the bear and then appear in court with the masturbating bear. ‘Your Honor, this bear can’t help himself!’"

O’Brien explained that he is intent on using his signature characters and sketches on his new show. "If there’s something we did for a long time that we’ve established as ours, we’ll figure out a way to do it," said O’Brien.



  1. Just another of this pitiful publicity hound trying for his 15 minutes.
    How pathetic!

  2. 15 minutes? He’s been in late night for 17 years and a writer on the Simpson’s prior to that. Regardless of how you feel about him (and he is far from my favorite comedian), he is by no means someone who falls into the “15 minutes” category.

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