Economic Downturn Hurting Chances for Wide Adoption of 3-D Television

Oct 14, 2010  •  Post A Comment

Projections that consumers would be flocking to stores to buy the new 3-D television sets have been overestimated, reports TheWrap.com.

New data from DisplaySearch revealed weaker worldwide and North American sales than expected for 3-D TV sets, primarily because of the ongoing tough economic times.

The global sales figures are off by 200,000 units going by the projected numbers, scaled back from expected sales of 3.4 million units to the current pace of about 3.2 million. North American figures show a steeper decline, from the original projection of 2 million to just under 1.6 million.

The research firm’s data indicates that that wide adoption of 3-D for home sets is not a sure thing, no matter how the new technology succeeds in movie theaters. Box-office results for 3-D have been uneven since the strong run for “Avatar” in early 2010, the story notes.


  1. I don’t think you can attribute the soft sales to the economy. Timing is part of it; many have just spent a couple thousand on their TV and see no need to do it all again. And then there are people like me, who see 3D as a fad and completely unnecessary for an enjoyable home theater experience. Manufacturers are shoving it down our throats to stimulate sales, but we’re saying no thanks. It’s not elegant technology and it’s a gimmick. Just keep bringing the price down on the LEDs.

  2. Uhhh the economy? yeah – plus it was a stupid idea to start with.

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