If You Remember the TV Productions About Private Slovik, or My Sweet Charlie, or Raoul Wallenberg, or Gore Vidal’s Lincoln, or That Certain Summer, They Were All Directed With the Same Caring Sensitivity by Lamont Johnson, Who Has Died at Age 88

Oct 27, 2010  •  Post A Comment

Emmy-winning director Lamont Johnson, who won a directing Emmy in 1986 for the television miniseries "Wallenberg: A Hero’s Story," has died, reports the New York Times.  He was 88.

Johnson directed more than 150 television shows, miniseries and movies of the week, the story says. During his career, he tallied 11 Emmy nominations, winning for the miniseries about Raoul Wallenberg, a Swedish diplomat who during the Holocaust saved 100,000 Hungarian Jews, and scoring a second Emmy for "Gore Vidal’s Lincoln," which starred Sam Waterston, the article notes.

Johnson also took on projects that examined social issues, such as "My Sweet Charlie," a 1970 TV movie starring Patty Duke and Al Freeman Jr., which focused on interracial relationships. Johnson also directed the acclaimed TV productions of  “The Execution of Private Slovik” and "That Certain Summer."  The latter, shown in 1972, was one of the few programs to address homosexuality at the time.  

“I find a great many things that never make it to the big screen because they’re controversial wind up on television, and done with a considerable amount of daring," Johnson told the Miami Herald in 1992, the article notes.


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