ESPN NASCAR Producer Arrested for Allegedly Peeping in a Neighbor’s Window While She Got Dressed

Oct 7, 2010  •  Post A Comment

A producer for ESPN’s motorsports coverage, including NASCAR events, was arrested for allegedly peeping into a neighbor’s window and masturbating while she dressed, reports the Hartford Courant newspaper.

Neil Goldberg, 52, was arrested on a warrant that charges him with public indecency, simple trespass, disorderly conduct and breach of peace, the article says.

The incident allegedly happened last month, when a woman walking her dog told police she saw a man on a stool who was looking into a window and masturbating, the story says. The man allegedly stopped and went inside his home when he saw the woman who had seen him, the article notes.

Police say Goldberg was identified as a suspect, and that he allegedly admitted watching his neighbor getting dressed, the article says.


  1. I worked with this person in the past and there is nobody more deserving than him to have this happen to. He was always arrogant and full of himself and I guess we know why now. It is great how things always work out for the best.

  2. What is it with ESPN and sex? A pud-pounding producer – on air talent freakin with interns.. and a poor hapless reporter followed by a pervert.
    Is the Disney culture “rubbing off”? (No pun intended…….

  3. It may take time, you most do get their just desserts!

  4. Sounds more like the CEO of Tribune.

  5. Good to see this piece of human filth got what he deserved. That’s what you get for all of the yelling and screaming you did on your shows and hopefully some big stud will make you his bitch in prison.

  6. Amazing freakin blog here. I almost cried while reading it!

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