ESPN’s Mariotti Enters Plea in Domestic Violence Case

Oct 1, 2010  •  Post A Comment

Although his attorney expressed confidence that he would prevail in court, ESPN personality and sports columnist Jay Mariotti chose to make a deal with the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office, reports The New York Times.

Mariotti pleaded no contest Thursday to one count of misdemeanor battery after an August altercation with his girlfriend in a Southern California bar. Mariotti accepted a sentence of as much as 36 months of probation, community service and a domestic violence course.

The six additional counts against him were dismissed. ESPN has yet to announce when–or if–Mariotti will be reinstated as a regular on the daily show "Around the Horn."


  1. “ESPN has yet to announce when — or if Mariotti will return.”
    Translation (with apologies to Hawk Harrelson): “He Gone!”

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