‘$#*! Family Photos,’ the TV Series? Project Based on Blog Featuring Awkward Family Pictures Picked up by ABC

Oct 6, 2010  •  Post A Comment

A project based on a popular blog featuring awkward family photos  has been picked up by ABC, reports James Hibberd at the Hollywood Reporter’s The Live Feed Blog.

The project is produced by Sony Pictures TV and has been picked up in a script-with-penalty deal, the story says. "Contractually, ABC’s show will be based upon the "Awkward Family Photos" book, though the print version and year-old Web site were both created by Mike Bender and Doug Chernack and contain the same content — funny, embarrassing and, yes, awkward family portraits that have been submitted by readers," Hibberd writes.

Hibberd adds, "How the concept will translate to series TV is still unclear."


  1. This title is not creative or funny like you think it is. It’s a stretch, and just stupid.

  2. I can envision a story concept that could work and I’m not a TV show writer.
    Of course, wether it would succeed ratings-wise is another matter. Execution is everything.

  3. Amen. The expletive-suggestive title is purely gratuitous and unfunny.
    Who writes these juvenile lead-ins for otherwise noncontroversial stories? I hope it’s a 22-year-old intern. I’d hate to think it’s someone being paid.

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