Hoping to Tap into ‘Glee’s’ Popularity, the CW Is Developing Its Own Musical Scripted Show

Oct 20, 2010  •  Post A Comment

The CW is developing its own musical-and-dancing dramedy, hoping to tap into some of the popularity of Fox’s "Glee," reports Deadline.com’s Nellie Andreeva. 

The project is pairing "Bandslam" writer and director Todd Graff and the film’s producer Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas on "Acting Out," described as "Glee" meets "Bad Santa," the story says. It will be set at summer camp that’s seen better days and explore the relationships of counselors and staff.

Graff is executive producing with Goldsmith-Thomas and also may direct, the article notes. Graff also wrote and directed "Camp," a 2003 film about a Broadway songwriter who works at a musical camp.

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