Justin Bieber Nail Polish Line to Be Available at Walmart [Sample Color: One Less Lonely Glitter (Lavender)]

Oct 11, 2010  •  Post A Comment

Justin BIeber, "the 16-year-old pop star, has designed a line of nail polishes for Nicole by OPI that are high on the glitter and bright primary color palette ratio," according to AOL’s StyleList.

Walmart will carry the line exclusively through the end of the year; and by February other retailers, such as Target and Sears, should also carry the Bieber line, the story says.

Called the "One Less Lonely Girl" Collection, the entire lineup of nail polishes are, according to the story, "One Less Lonely Glitter (lavender), Prized Possession Purple (grape), Give Me The First Dance (silver), Me + Blue (dark blue), OMB! (bright red), and Step 2 the Beat of My Heart (heart-shaped glitter)."


  1. I just LOVE these designs

  2. I was seeking info about Friday’s media reports pertaining to the Justin Bieber finger nail polish and I found on this internet site. I can not wait to get the JBiebz nail polish. I am convinced that my very first prospect to buy the polish will be when it sells at Wal Mart. I am convinced that this will be a great Christmas time gift item for me!

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